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Arthur Mitchell, (born March 27, 1934, Harlem, New York, New York, U.S.  He died September 19, 2018, Manhattan, New York), American dancer, choreographer, and director who was the first African American to become a principal dancer with a major ballet troupe, New York City Ballet. He later cofounded (1969) Dance Theatre of Harlem.

 Arthur Mitchell was so moved by Dr. Martin Luther King’s Death that he created the school – Dance Theatre of Harlem, where he grew up.  “I actually bucked society and an art form that was three, four hundred years old and brought Black People into it” he told the New York Times.

 Dance Theater of Harlem was the first major Black Classical Ballet Dance Company in the United States.

 In 2006 Arthur Mitchell introduced Dance Theater of Harlem performers at the White House event honoring the artist and company.

Arthur Mitchell – while dancing for the New York City Ballet under famed choreographer – George Balanchine, Arthur Mitchell appeared with Suzanne Farrell in the groundbreaking 1968 Production of Balanchine’s Ballet Slaughter on Tenth Avenue.

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