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Conoce al equipo

Lucero Sanchez

A former student of IMAGINE... who is currently pursuing a master's degree in dance. She has returned to act as an instructor at IMAGINE... The Impossible.

Natalie Smith_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Website and Social Media Manager
Natalie Smith

A singer and passionate lover of performing arts who does website design, graphic design, social media management, and various behind-the-scenes work for IMAGINE... the Impossible.

Cindy Espinoza_edited.jpg
Cindy Espinoza

A former student who is currently studying dance and will be returning to IMAGINE... as an instructor.

Salma Ortega Picture Headshot_edited.jpg
Human Development & Family Sciences
Salma Ortega

Currently, attending University of Houston and is studying Human Development & Family Sciences. Enthusiastically craving to aid in the betterment of children

Landis Moore_PNG.webp
Operational Manager
Landis Moore

A passionate supporter of IMAGINE... and a former dancer who currently lives on Long Island, New York.

Trina Jobes_PNG.webp
Operational Manager
Katrina Jones
Event Photographer
Santos Sorto
IMAGINE... The Impossible
for Every Child:
International Manager
Christian Jovi B. Daileg
Screenshot 2024-03-25 204153.png
Project Manager
Ganesh Kaivalya Kumarapuram Nagaraj

Has a passion for creating user-centric and data-driven products that solve real-world problems. 
Holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and a master's degree in engineering management with a focus on IT project management from Texas A&M University."

Store Manager
Sandra Laura
IMAGINE... The Impossible
for Every Child:
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