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Classes and Training

Teaching the essential life-skills of hard work, goal setting, self-discipline and structure to underserved children through the study of classical ballet impacts all areas of their lives, their families, their schools, and their community with the ripple effects of this positive program.  


They learn they can  conquer anything with the proper preparation.  They learn the world is bigger and more beautiful than they might have imagined.  

IMAGINE…holds weekly classes for our students, coupled with special Master classes. Professional dancers from New York and Los Angeles fly in to instruct our students in proper technique and speak with our students about their professional and life experiences. The community is invited to observe these life-changing master classes at which the turnout is both impactful and overwhelming.

Our students cannot appreciate what they have not been exposed to.  IMAGINE… exposes our students to travel, theater, opera, museums, and the symphony.

Being exposed to classical ballet touches their imaginations and they are forever changed. We have special ballet movie nights. We watch and learn about famous classical ballet and contemporary dance works, such as Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Giselle, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Dance Theater of Harlem, Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella, Coppelia, Don Quixote, and Firebird.  We invite the community to these events also, and usually the rooms are overflowing!

And then there is the yearly recital.  For these children, it is an extremely special event.  There is a certain joy that comes with being rewarded for your hard work and training by an on-stage performance. It lifts you above all circumstances. 


The ballet is very magical. It transforms them and you!

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