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School Principal / Director Testimonials

“Your presence, enthusiasm and experience added a dimension to the student’s experience
which I am sure they will long remember.”

Blue Mountain Middle School, Hendrick Hudson School District,

Oscar Scherer, Principal

“Mrs. Johnson and company literally transformed our students’ raw talent into sheer splendor
within the short time she worked with them (15 weeks). Her work enhanced their self-esteem,
promoted self-discipline and filled them with pride.”

Arts Partners

Gina Thorsen, Associate Director

“The instructions given by Miss Victoria and Miss Mary have caused our pieces to improve
immeasurably. Here’s hoping we can do this again next year.”

Lisbon Elementary School,
Dallas ISD,

Curtis Holland, Principal

“It is one of the most sought after classes we offer. We consider it a privilege to work with this

Cochran Elementary,

Dallas ISD,

Courtney Thomas, Principal

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